The Home Office promote a hostile environment for non-British parents of British children (Zambrano carers).

A Zambrano carer is a migrant parent of a British citizen child. In technical terms, a Zambrano carer is a person from a non-EEA state whose residence is required in order to enable a child or dependant adult, who is British, to live in the UK.

Protections for Zambrano carers in the United Kingdom end on 30 June 2021.

As of November 2020, the Home Office refuse the majority of "Zambrano" parents who apply for residence via the EU Settlement Scheme. The settlement scheme allows individuals who were in the UK before Brexit, remain in the UK after Brexit.

We are here to support Zambrano carers on their journey as they raise their British child(ren) in the UK. The most vulnerable parents, many of whom are single mothers, single fathers, and widowers from the Caribbean, Africa and Asia work together to file collective actions, hire journalists to write press releases and offer general advice on how to complete immigration applications.

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"Zambrano families were not mentioned in the Withdrawal Agreement and no special consideration was made to their interests. Through political inaction in both the UK and EU they lost their residency rights once the UK left the EU. Only in 2019 were these non‐EU parents given the possibility to apply for residency rights through the UK European Union Settlement Scheme." - Iyola Solanke

"Derivative rights refusals accounted for a quarter (25%) of the 3,060 refusals under the scheme as a whole. Of these, Zambrano applications had a much higher proportion of refused outcomes (770 refusals, 61%) than the other routes based on a derivative right to reside in the UK." - Parliament

"There is no available legal aid funding in England and Wales to assist refused applicants with legal representation in an appeal to the immigration tribunal. Any refusal is likely to require legal advice and representation to give the refused applicant access to a just outcome." - Seraphus


31 January 2020

The UK leaves the European Union. Zambrano carers are excluded from protections listed within the Withdrawal Agreement. Residence rights are temporarily extended during the transition period.

31 December 2020

The transition period between the UK and EU ends. The automatic right of migrant parents of British children to reside in the UK ends.

30 June 2021

The deadline for applying to the settlement scheme expires. Anyone without either a pending or resolved application could face deportation.




for Zambrano Carers applying for settlement under the EU Settlement Scheme


as of 30 June 2020


as of 30 September 2020


applications pending

6 months+

average reported wait time for the first decision


on settlement applications under the EU Settlement Scheme (Appendix EU)

You can be refused for settlement under the EU Settlement Scheme if

You DO NOT have leave to remain(LTR) under Appendix FM

You DO have LTR under Appendix FM

You allow your LTR under Appendix FM to expire and reapply under EUSS

30% of migrant parents of British children are approved. There is no winning strategy with the EUSS, just being lucky.